Part 40 – A New Start

Well, this is an interesting find. Sen's diary. Talk about reliving the old days.

I should explain. My name is Phaon Warf, and I am the President of the High Council of New Gallifrey. To anyone reading this, that may come as a bit of a shock… we have some catching up to do since Sen's last entry.

Sen started off his diary introducing himself. Ok, back then it was herself. I'll do the same. I fled Gallifrey in N-Space in the SASTAP. Sen and I went through an array of N-Space adventures before being ripped apart and sent here to SL-Space. We arrived at different times, so I was not initially a part of building New Gallifrey with Solis and Oolon.

 I eventually wandered into the early days of New Gallifrey, but never had much of an appetite for politics. Sen's early organic incarnations seemed to take to it naturally, and I was thrilled to help in any way I could from behind the scenes. On the old Gallifrey, I was nearing completion on my Academy dissertation, entitled The Revival of Ancient Telepathic and Telekenetic Enhancements in the Modern Imprematur Era. I had dedicated my Academy study to mental enhancement, and those abilities were proving quite useful in helping Sen to navigate through the maze of issues with becoming recently organic, and dealing with still being the SASTAP's main computer.

Eventually the High Council was formed, and The Abbot (we would later learn, of course) started sending us others. His contact in N-Space sent us one particularly ambitious one in **REDACTED** who decided to appoint ***self Director of the newly formed SL-Space Celestial Intervention Agency. For a time, I found a home there as an Agent, my telepathic abilities making me able to make a unique contribution.

But fate had other plans. Or perhaps it was the Guardians. Ok, I'm getting ahead of myself. Time to take a break… I need to compose myself before I tell you about the worst day in the history of New Gallifrey.

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