Part 53 – Ambassador

In N-Space, we had assigned labels to various tiers of development with regards to lesser civilizations we encountered and observed. First zone are us – Timelords. Only a handful of races are in this category – Timelords and Daleks are the only native races to the meta-verse. These are races with mastery over temporal technology. Second zone races have very advanced technology, including some limited temporal abilities, and intergalactic travel. The Cybermen fit in this category, as do later humans. Non-intervention policies are often difficult to interpret with these races, and they are aware of our existence due to their level of technology.

Third zone species have interstellar travel, and no temporal technology whatsoever. Some of these races are aware of us, some are not. Interference is handled on a case by case basis here.

Fourth zone species are post-industrial revolution, pre-warp cultures. They are generally unaware of alien life whatsoever, and certainly have no knowledge of Timelords. Fifth zone species are pre-industrial revolution, and have little knowledge of anything. Involvement in any way other than observation is strictly forbidden with these races.

In SL-Space, the ground rules are different. Interstellar travel is much easier, so many lower zone species are not only capable of such travel, but became aware of First Zone technology well before they are culturally ready. We have been forced to take on a much more active role here, which brings about the need for something rather new to us – a diplomatic corp.

Lady Bernicenastorabedulan has just been assigned as Ambassador Plenipotentiary to the High Council of New Gallifrey. Her origin is rather interesting. Normally, The Abbot seeks our additions to New Gallifrey based on our needs, or a mounted rescue. In this case, Lady Bernice was indeed brought to us by The Abbot, but this time from our own future right here in SL-Space.

Various Chapter's research divisions have been working on recreating Loom technology here in SL-Space for some time. Many are close, but not quite there yet. At some point, all will likely succeed. Clearly at least one does, and the result will be Lady Bernice. After her birth, The Abbot took her and crossed her own time line to send the infant back with Deimos to the early days of the new Citadel, deep in the planet's past.

There Bernice was trained by the Agency. Now a young Timelady still in her first incarnation, she has already made quite an impression. Negotiations are currently underway with three governments in SL-Space. The first is one we are all quite familiar with.

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