Part 36 – A Loss

The formal diplomatic contact with Olyesti happened today. Things... did not go as planned. Granted, they usually don't, but today raised a number of concerns. Let me start at the beginning and describe the day.

Oolon and Terry are off on some mission to one of the lesser race's city-states that I'm sure will cause nothing but petty political intrigue... which means the visit to Olyesti was just Solis and I. Actually, this was to be a welcome respite. Solis and I hadn't traveled together in a long time, I was looking forward to her being able to flex some Inner Council muscle while I got to look important.

We arrived in Olyesti without incident. The modifications to the SASTAP navigation systems allowed a smooth materialization inside the three minute time loop barrier. These modifications should be easy to remotely transmit to the New Gallifrey TTC fleet, and make travel to Olyesti routine. Upon our arrival, we were greeted by Governor Judy and Controller Ar. I had heard that the three minute cities require a Controller to oversee the temporal loop shell – it was interesting to meet Ar.

The two took us to Lady Judy's private meeting room where we proceeded to talk diplomacy. I noted during our stroll to the Capital building that Olyesti was looking much better since my last visit. The infrastructure was almost entirely repaired, and it was looking rather grand. The interior of the Capital still showed minor battle scarring, but I suspect that was left there for our benefit, as a reminder of what the city had been through.

We emerged from the meeting with a plan to present to the New Gallifrey High Council. Olyesti is to be granted a unique seat on the Council, with Governor Judy being a voting member. Citizens of Olyesti may choose to join New Gallifrey Chapters and Houses. They must declare upon entry into a House who will be representing them on the Council – their Governor or their Cardinal. They will then lose voting rights in the other group.

After the conclusion of official diplomatic business, Controller Ar invited Solis and I to the Olyesti space station. We were escorted by Captain A1, the head of their Guard. Opon arriving at the station, we met Lord Zarrin, who is an able Patrexe in charge of the design and construction of the station. We discussed the possibility of converting the station into a sort of Time Station/Carrier able to transport fleets of conventional weapons through the vortex. This is something I will raise as a possibility with the Council. Assuming the Station is still there...

Next I heard the sound of some sort of Vortex Manipulator. Before I knew it, a Dalek soldier, an orbital special weapons Dalek, and a mobile human battle computer had transported to the flight deck of the station. Immediately, they came for Governor Judy and myself. Captain A1 and Solis stepped directly into the line of fire... and Solis was hit.

Immediately, she dropped like a stone to the floor and began regenerating. At that moment, I wasn't thinking of the fact that we were going to lose the vampire DNA in her system (she was supposed to undergo a controlled regeneration inside the SASTAP), only that another shot during her regeneration would surely kill her.

I turned to the Dalek soldier and unleashed the full fury of physic energy Phaon had taught me to channel. Pure energy directly from the SASTAP's Eye. I felt the life force drain from my body, but drew further strength from seeing the Dalek that had taken Solis tossed against the station's dome like a rag doll. I knew that I didn't have another blast in me, but Zarrin and the guards had cleared enough of a path through the firestorm of Dalek rays to allow me to stagger to my feet and call to the SASTAP to materialize in the line of fire. The antiquated Type 30 shell took the beating admirably as I stumbled into the SASTAP, Ar and Judy dragging a barely standing Solis into the console room. Zarrin and the Guard Captain stayed behind – I hope they are ok.

Immediately after dematerializing we drug a still glowing Solis to the SASTAP zero room. She quickly stabilized and seems to be well on the road to recovery in her new, quite vibrant incarnation. I turned to the Governor and Controller and unloaded on them in a fury of anger and accusations. This was a calculated move – my fury distracted them for a moment from the fact that the SASTAP computers were able to utilize the Zero Room to reach inside their minds without them knowing it.

I couldn't probe too deeply, but the Governor harbored genuine feelings of surprise and fear over the attack. Now the Controller... that's another story. His mind is deeply shielded, which is not surprising given the telepathic interface he works with on a daily basis. However, Governor Judy harbors feelings of deep suspicion towards him.

Obviously Olyesti has a leak. Possibly a collaborator. While Solis recovers, I must decide how to inform the Council of events, and still convince them that we need Olyesti, even if their security is in question.

For my part, I fear the events of today have taken the last out of this incarnation. I foresee a controlled regeneration in my very near future.

Part 35 – Betrayal

Perhaps betrayal is too strong of a word. I mean, strictly speaking, betrayal is accurate. However, if that word was used every time a Prydonian House defied the wishes of the High Council, history would document little else of interest. Solis issued the following...

“The Inner Council of the High Council of Timelords and the office of the Castellan hereby issues a capture and arrest warrant for Sidonie Carlberg, Raven Poe (ninasofia constantine), and Lord Cardinal Sam Brautigan on the charges of treason, violation of a High Council temporal treaty, murder, kidnapping, torture, unethical scientific research, unethical use of said research, theft of a TTC, operating a stolen TTC.”

The Inner Council has been quietly building a case against several members of House Prydonian since Cardinal Angelica's arranged departure. Her leaving was, of course, part of the plan to flush out known problems within her House that unfortunately were brought over from N-Space.

It's the arrogance of the fools that frustrate me. They openly defied the Council by not only building a military force without any consultation with the Council, but by openly defying our treaty with the SL faction Daleks by experimenting on and torturing the Kaled they captured. Now, I have no love lost for the Daleks... but this faction was created by someone here in SL space. Someone likely still here. Honoring this treaty is essential to discovering why we are here. I attempted to explain this to Cardinal Brautigan. Either she failed to understand the message, or has no control over her own Chapter. Frankly, I don't care which it is – she clearly can not fulfill her duties to the High Council.

As for Carlberg and Raven... they are going to be made examples of. I want Brautigan's title. I want the remaining regenerations from those two. This stops here – we will NOT repeat the mistakes of our N-Space brethren on my watch.

Councilor Mornington will resume his role as the trusted impartial member of the Council and serve as Arbitor of the Trial, and host it at Zenobia Time Station. I will, of course, serve as prosecutor. Chancellor Sputnik will serve as defense. Castellan Solis will be handing security, while Usher Franklin coordinates between New Gallifrey, Zenobia, and likely Olyesti. They jury has yet to be selected, that is on the agenda for the next High Council meeting.


Part 34 - An Ending

It struck me a while ago that Oolon had perhaps a significantly more brilliant idea before his last regeneration than even he realized. By tinkering with the nano-virus integration systems in his Type 50 TTC, he was able to alter his regenerative process and effectively design himself a more advanced brain.

Because of the inherent limitations to the Timelord nano-virus system, there is, however, only so much he could accomplish here. After the arrival of Olyesti, I was able to update our own Matrix with the plans of more advanced TTC's designed after the Inner Council's arrival here in SL-Space, including the all-telepathic interface Type 60. I immediately installed it as my secondary control, and already I can see the potential benefits.

I have discovered the systems buried deep in the SASTAP computer that created my original Timelord body as a safety mechanism. The telepathic utilization of the SASTAP systems at the level I have undertaken recently has taken its toll on this incarnation – this body is nearly ready to regenerate. Before I do, I believe I can design a new body with the specific purpose of telepathic interface with the SASTAP systems without causing the serious physical side effects I have been experiencing.

Rassilon's vision of the SASTAP's function was for the primary pilot to be telepathically interfaced with an Artron based exterior shell that could materialize as a sort of super-body. I believe it is possible to take that one step farther. If the exterior of the SASTAP materializes as the nano-virus network in my own body, instead of the body itself, the same outcome can be accomplished, while not being tied to the interior of the TTC forever unable to leave.

See, the main downfall of the Timelord nano-virus regenerative system is energy. During a regeneration, the only energy source they have is the break down of the dying body. Many of the nano-viruses do not survive the energy conversion process, so a typical Timelord only has enough to successfully regenerate 12 times.

SASTAP created nano-viruses would have access to virtually unlimited TTC power for regenerative purposes. Since the exterior system also offers complete telepathic control, they would also be able to regenerate on command. This would effectively make a Timelord body in this state a shape shifter.

This process is obviously a complex one, and must be done in two stages. Upon my next regeneration, I must interface with the exterior and internal architectural systems telepathically, and design two things. First, I must design a physical body that can handle the telepathic rigors of controlling the SASTAP systems remotely. Then I must design a telepathic console interface based on the Type 60 design specifically to connect with the new body.

This will make my next incarnation an interim point. Upon that body regenerating, I can complete the process. Even this interim stage will almost certainly allow me to land and control a partially organic exterior form with huge advantages over my current limited abilities.