Part 51 – Theta Protocol

Theta project was complete and ready to roll out, but we were interrupted. The Sisters had been having prophecies for some time about something profound entering our area of time and space. Finally, it seemed the time was at hand. Several Arcalian scientists were in pursuit of six unidentified… somethings... through the SL-Space Time and Space Vortex.

They couldn't keep up, so Deimos was summoned by Temporal Control to pursue in Implacable, the experimental Agency Capsule that already contained much of the technology incorporated into the Theta Protocol. The objects seemed to be in a spiraling orbit around Gallifrey, moving outwards at a rate unprecedented before in SL-Space. Temporal Control realized the objects were headed for an anomalous area of space that we had been scanning for some time, an area which appeared to have just ruptured into a Charged Vacuum Emboitment (CVE) into another universe.

While Implacable is fast, its standard issue plasmic shell can not withstand crossing out of SL-Space without unacceptable risk. We quickly concocted a plan where I would land the SASTAP aboard Implacable as it passed on the interior apex of its orbit around New Gallifrey, and Implacable would then slingshot the materialized SASTAP out of its interior as it passed close to the CVE. The plan worked. Rowan had been assisting with navigation and accompanied me. We landed close to the CVE and stepped into an oxygen shield generated by the SASTAP. We weren't sure what we were looking at, but we were close enough to place a navigational beacon that would assist science Capsules from the Arcalians in returning later.

The slingshot maneuver had seriously damaged the SASTAP, and we discovered a newly rebuilt console room upon reentering from the oxygen shield. A default type Theta desktop theme. Sen had apparently gotten the memo. Now that one established Capsule had the Theta, it could be communicated between all the Hearts automatically. While the look itself is, as always, superfluous, the enhancements to the mechanics are vital.

Evidently, the SASTAP had clipped the inner shell of Implacable on our slingshot out. We returned to the Citadel to evacuation alarms as Temporal Control was broadcasting that Implacable had materialized just below the Transduction Barriers and was screaming in like a missile towards the Citadel. Deimos is a better pilot than that though, and Implacable plunged itself into the hillside just outside the Silver Forest.

There sat Implacable smoldering in the hillside. It's door welded shut by the impact, and Deimos still inside. Alive, we hoped.

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