Part 41 – Build Up

“Bloody damned Prydonians! I'm going to execute the lot of them!!” and a few other choice words I won't put in writing. Sen's latest incarnation – and final we would soon learn – was fiery, emotional, and exceptionally authoritative. 

Let me go back. You last read from Sen that the Olyesti and New Gallifrey Council's were combining, but that the Prydonians were – big surprise – causing issues. Let me pick up the story there, as I know many of you got caught up in the events that followed and never really learned the details.

As we would later learn, the Prydonians of New Gallifrey had been experimenting with Seer abilities, and had formed a new sect of the Sisterhood of Karn. Their initial experiments had met with some success, and they had foreseen a distortion of the Prime Timeline that had disaster befalling New Gallifrey on an apocalyptic scale. Initially, they didn't trust these visions, so never brought the issue before the Council. However, they did make preparations, just in case they were correct.

To preserve this secret project, they refused to combine intelligence and resources with the Olyesti Prydonians, the only Chapter or House not yet fully integrated at this point. They split, and went into exile. In a fiery speech in Council, Sen called for their execution, only to be interrupted as a medium by the voices of the Children themselves, the TARDISes. This changed everything, and brought about the beginning of a huge shift in our society that we did not fully realize until much later.

In the end, the New Gallifrey Prydonians were left alone. They formed the Jade Dreamers Chapter, and maintained their Sisterhood on a remote, secret planet that was shielded against TTC entry.

Of course, what the rest of us didn't know is that this secret location was actually New Gallifrey, just billions of years in the past. The Dreamers were establishing the past and future home of the Capital City that would be our society's long term home. They cast themselves out to do it, but they knew what had to be done.

Then that day happened.

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