Part 55 – The Will of Omega

We don't often get big names here in SL-Space. As a matter of fact, we never do. The Abbot chooses his selections carefully, as did the Timelords who exiled the first few here. Missing a big name from the timeline would cause people to look for them, find us, and ruin the entire plan.

Sure, we get “ghosts.” The Watcher type images shunted through reality when The Doctor helped to shove Zenobia Station here from N-Space. That station's telepathic circuits cast shadows of his personality and form from time to time. But this one was different. You see, we've actually had the Will of Omega with us for quite some time.

Lord Gears came here much like all the others. He had with him an ancient piece of Timelord Technology called “The Instance” that survived the transition into SL-Space. None of us knew of this tech at the time. As it turned out, The Instance was a snapshot of a mind. Evidently built before the APC Net, it stored the image of a mind, and could imprint itself onto another mind with just a touch.

So it was that Omega – or at least most of his memories and personality – were reborn here in SL-Space. For a time, he yelled and paraded around, assisting at times with his exceptional scientific knowledge, resisting authority and being trouble at other times.

There came a time, however, that only his unique knowledge could help us. I left out earlier that Omega came along with us on the journey back to the birth of SL-Space. Because of the nature of this space, ***REDACTED***, Rowan's ability to help navigate was in fact more limited than she cared to admit. Omega helped guide us when the Sisters could no longer see. Between the two of them, we arrived safely.

Why did I leave this next part out? Omega is such a polarizing figure in Timelord history. He is a hero to many, and the ultimate villain to just as many. Switching the poles on villains and martyrs can be a dangerous thing in a society, especially when the dominant political force in one of our Council seated Chapters is called the Cult of Omega.

However, I am committed to not repeating the mistakes that ultimately lead to the end of our N-Space brethren. So, transparency, much to Deimos' dismay.

Inside the Abbot's console room, Omega stepped in front of Sen as be began to discharge energy. His own body diverted energy to others in the room. Whether or not this was part of the plan on Sen's part, I suppose we'll never know. At the time, Omega just vanished – we thought him destroyed. Relegated to the pile of Agency Classified files.

As it turns out, he received a “gift” as well. Omega woke up in his console room back at the Citadel, in an actual body. A real, organic body, and not one that he was displaced from. Now still a brilliant mind, but one out of his time and universe, he must learn to live like the rest of us day to day.

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