Part 45 – Guardians

We arrived back in New Gallifrey with a special gift from Sen and The Abbot. The Eye of Harmony.

When Solis created the pocket universe to contain The Abbot, she rocketed it back in time – all the way back. This huge outpouring of energy created a massive explosion, the actual Big Bang of SL-Space. In order to prevent Solis' pocket universe from destroying this newly emerging universe, Sen and The Abbot contained it. This contained universe on the verge of collapse would form our new Eye of Harmony.

Evidently, this had been Sen's plan all along. Working with the visions from the Sisters, Sen was able to deduce that The Abbot was actually a good guy. Another experimental TARDIS able to cross the divide between N-Space and SL-Space easily. In order to separate Deimos from The Abbot, Sen needed to shed his organic body and help The Abbot's Heart. The Titan under the tech that was primed to consume Deimos' body.

With the last of his organic interaction with our dimension, Sen saved Solis and Deimos with regeneration. He also gave me his current incarnation, along with all his memories. With my mental abilities, it didn't drive me completely mad. But close. Regeneration is hard enough as it is, but this one was a whopper. I'm not Sen. But I'm not entirely Phaon anymore either. A new incarnation of Phaon, but one handed to me by Sen with all his memories. Organic memories, that is. I didn't get all the cool TTC computer stuff, unfortunately.

It appears that Sen and The Abbot have ascended. Now SL-Space's Yin and Yang.. The Abbot as the Guardian of Continuums, looking out for the majesty that is the Prime Timeline. Sen as the Guardian of Moments, making sure that the lives of the inhabitants of SL-Space are not be sacrificed on a whim to protect the Timeline.

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