Part 43 – What Was Once Old is New Again

This is where I come in. Sen did his best in grief and pain to setup a base on Zenobia Time Station. The Station's Eye brought us limited TTC capability. We were surviving as refugees in orbit around a dying planet. But the Sisters had foreseen this. They had already constructed a crude base in the distant past, only a few months after SL-Space began to cool, on the first planet in the universe old enough to sustain life. Sen appointed me President of Time Past and sent be back to supervise the construction of a new Citadel.

At first, this was a completely secret plan. While Sen struggled to hold our society together in the present, Kharma, Rowan, and myself survived and eventually thrived in the primordial swelter of New Gallifrey's infancy.

Eventually, things simply couldn't be maintained - Zenobia just did not have the resources to house a Race. Ready or not, the Timelords and others began coming back to move to our new home. It wasn't really ready yet, and neither was I. But they came anyway. Angry, divided, and homeless. Of course, what I wasn't counting on was Sen NOT coming back. I was stuck as President.

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