Part 25 - 182

182 years. As we prepare to return to New Gallifrey, that is how long I have spent exploring this universe of my origin. Oolon and Solis report success, both on the issue of Gallifrey’s timeline and some valuable information on who is behind it.

I had the chance to explore many of the places that our Timelord friends on the New Gallifrey High Council keep talking about. I have a far better sense now than ever before of being… alive. At least in the organic sense.

I was able to track down a few valuable artifacts and pieces of Timelord technology still buried on planets outside the Time Lock. It will take some time to integrate this tech into New Gallifrey, but I feel confident it will greatly improve our resources.

The initial word from Oolon and Solis is disturbing, and yet not at all surprising. Apparently we were lucky enough to catch the first and only alteration. They spent decades scouring Timelord history to make sure that nothing else had been altered – it seems it had not.

Manipulation of the timelines on this scale is astounding, and brazen. Whoever this is seems to be operating as if the Time War is not over, as if it is simply one more step in a grand plan. Whoever this being/entity is, they obviously have a TARDIS. One with an independent power source to break into the Time Lock as we did.

One piece at a time. We will find out who it is. We will find out what their goals are. And we will stop them.