Part 31 – When a Plan Comes Together

Finally, something went right. Tonight, for a while at least, the band got back together and had a perfect gig. Solis, Sputter, Terry, and myself undertook a very dangerous experiment that went off... almost... without a hitch.

Our mission was two fold. Allow me complete telepathic access to the SASTAP systems, while purging – and perhaps capturing for future use – the last remnants of the Great Vampire disease left in my main systems.

Terry watched for intruders while Oolon maintained recently activated Type 30 systems completely manually. Thank Rassilon for that brain of his. Solis opened a gateway for me, and for a time.... I was me again.

I had complete access. I could see all the wondrous systems and abilities of this great ship at my disposal. All of Time and Space, a mere thought away. Alas, it was short lived, as Solis encountered the Vampire program faster than anticipated. We returned her to the Zero Room, where she is still coming to terms with the beast that now resides inside.

When I was last infected, I was little more than an infant organic in Timelords terms. I was ill equipped to deal with the carnal, primal emotions and instincts of the Vampire. But Solis is stronger, more experienced, and has been getting training in mental discipline from Phaon. She can handle it.

We now have a force of true power on our side. We all know that the final confrontation between the two Dalek factions is coming, and we know we still have much to do before we are prepared. Solis is still coping with reigning in her beast at the moment, but we are secure that she will have great power at her disposal when the time comes.

As for myself, there was a price for my journey. Some 300 odd years worth. I'm looking more and more like Oolon everyday, with this incarnation having racked up over 600 years. The price is worth it, however. We now know that the almost limitless power of the SASTAP can be at our disposal whenever we need it, as long as I'm willing to sacrifice this incarnation of which I've grown quite fond.


Part 30 - New Desktop Theme

Part 30 – New Desktop Theme

As I continue to do more exploration of the SASTAP systems from within the Zero Room, I'm finding some disturbing... pieces. It seems that shadows of my original consciousness – shadows, if you will – are still left behind inside the computer. These bits of myself are, evidently, still in survival mode. Shunning any efforts by my organic self to explore deeper into protected systems. If I wish to return someday to my original home, I must purge the system.

I think I discovered a solution. During my initial travels with Phaon, I merged with parts of a Type 30 TTC in order to complete/repair my construction. I am going to isolate the entire SASTAP computer sub-systems, and bring the old Type 30 systems online as the mainline controls. This will allow me to... interact, for lack of a better term, with the original SASTAP systems in isolation without threatening the ship's superstructure and main systems.

So, for a while at least, the SASTAP interior is going retro.


Part 29 – Some Retrospective Exploration

I've been spending a lot of time in the Zero Room recently, attempting some experiments Phaon taught me. Phaon, of course, is a master telepath. Perhaps one of Gallifrey's greatest. On a related note, the technology of a Zero chamber basically removes a Timelord's consciousness and stores it in a temporary buffer in the computer, allowing a brain to heal post-regeneration without the need to maintain a physical body.

Put these two things together, and inside the zero chamber I get to be... me. I can shed my physical form and expand into the computer as I was originally intended to. Of course, I only have access to a small portion of the computer, if I wander too far away I endanger my physical being.

However, I am learning. I am... connecting. There may come a time when something more than a mere physical Timelord body is needed. When this time comes, I believe I will be ready.


Part 28 - Alliance

It passed. A vote to ally ourselves with the Daleks. Barely, by one vote. Oolon’s plan is to ally ourselves with the weaker of the two Dalek factions in order to wipe out the stronger. A simple plan. Many on the council objected, believing the weaker faction would undoubtedly turn on us.

Oolon and I are thankful it passed without the need to reveal all of the facts. This Dalek faction may indeed turn on us – but it is of little concern. These Daleks were created in SL space by none other than our former Castellan Drillon. They were an experiment. Drillon introduced a “kill switch” into their genetic makeup. Hoping they would eventually become the dominate Dalek faction, then the High Council could simply “turn them off.”

The former Council exiled him and his Daleks for his plan. I can’t argue with them – it was a brutal series of experiments. However, what’s done is done. These Daleks are here, and are a force to be reckoned with. We will continue on with Drillon’s plan, and are in fact counting on the betrayal of these Daleks – but not until the Paradigm faction that recently arrived here from N-Space is destroyed.

Of course, leave it to the Prydonians to mess things up. Their new Cardinal (both Solis and The Angel are off on long term business for the Council) is brazen and manipulative. A typical Prydon. Evidently this divisive House is up to its old tricks. Not content to let our democratic Council function, they are forming an army in “secret” to attack our new allies. Fools. This young, arrogant, and equally ignorant leader seems to forget who and what I am.

Just like Rassilon did during the Time War, the short sighted, power hungry self-righteousness of this House now threatens our very existence here. I will deal with these Prydonians – or specifically *this* Pyrdonian – quickly, and harshly.