Part 54 – A Renewal

New hands, new voice. Regeneration. The first time was when I entered SL-Space. I was unconscious before and after for some time. My second was initiated by Sen, and I got his body. This time it actually felt like a real regeneration. I'll fill you in, because the events surrounding are quite important to all of us.

Some time ago, the Council began constructing an orbital facility. In a time of crisis, this would serve as a backup Citadel. Our lead tech – a Mr. Schumann, was in charge of construction. I had been contacted by the Guardians and informed that we would be having a new addition. The first Titan born in SL-Space. The young soon-to-be TTC would need a Hyperloom to graft the TARDIS block transfer construct onto its form. We also decided to begin construction of our new Loom technology on board the orbital as well. With our dimensional technology, having the ability to shift our most valuable facilities out of normal space-time at a moment's notice was too secure to not take advantage of.

And then it happened. I was rearranging books in the library in the SASTAP, and I just collapsed in pain. I headed for the medical bay, and the readings said my body was flooded with artron radiation. The cells in my body had begun to break down, releasing artron energy that had apparently been there all along. This body clearly not been what it seemed. I sent out a telepathic distress call to the Council, and fell unconscious on the med table.

When I woke up, Kylie and Rowan were standing over me, a distinct look of mild panic on their faces. They had responded to my call, and when they stepped into the console room to find me unconscious, The SASTAP had automatically dematerialized and landed again somewhere unknown. I had not initiated the flight, evidently Sen had. I told the Sisters to go meet their idols, and speak with the Guardians.

I watched on the scanner screen as the Sisters listened to Sen and The Abbot explain the origin of Lady Ambassador Bernice and her Capsule. If you remember, this soon-to-be complete Capsule and the infant Lady Bernice will soon be grabbed by The Abbot and taken back in time to be trained and raised. I could hear Sen in my mind as he spoke to them, his voice thundering through the SASTAP's telepathic circuits as he spoke to them.

The Sisters came back inside. I was feeling somewhat better, and piloted the SASTAP myself to the orbital facility. I needed some help departing, and left the console room to find a panicked Mr. Schumann – the lead tech or the orbital facility, as apparently the infant Titan at the Hyperloom chamber was in considerable distress.

At the critical juncture where the new mechanical TARDIS components are to take over control of basic autonomic functions of the Titan, there was insufficient energy to complete the process. Normally, other Titans assist in this process, but there aren't enough here in SL-Space to accomplish this. Our first baby was dying.

Then it all made sense. As soon as I made the connection in my head, the regeneration began. Energy poured out of my body, rocketed out of the room, and straight for the baby Capsule. You could hear the shift in energy, as the infant felt its strength grow. Lights starting blinking wildly in the monitor room, warning sounds stopped. Mr. Schumann had a smile on his face – which I didn't believe was biologically possible for him. Then again, a technical engineer had just met the Pythia, the Chancellor, seen the President regenerate, and helped give birth to a universe's first new Time Travel Capsule.

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