Part 27 – Time to clean house

Last evening, the Inner Council officially returned home. I have written already about some of the activities that Oolon, Solis, and myself have been engaged in during the months since our return.

We were waiting for Victor to begin the meeting before arriving – it was his to call to order, after all. So we were chatting in the SASTAP console room with the exterior phased, able to hear the meeting. I was simply appalled at the way Victor was being treated. Being heckled, called out, and overall disrespected.

We formed New Gallifrey to bring the Timelords together. Those sitting at the Council table are there willingly, in an effort to rebuild our society in this place. But you wouldn’t know it.

Now, I understand that Victor was a divisive choice. However, the three of us thought long and hard about it. Victor is cynical, hard-edged, and often flies in the face of tradition. However, he is also brilliant, loyal, and a bit selfish. As President, preserving the reputation and the very existence of New Gallifrey suddenly becomes a case of self preservation, something Victor is exceedingly good at. He is also very well connected and resourceful.

There is no one in SL whom I trust more to deliver New Gallifrey back to us healthy and intact. And that is exactly what he did. Divisive or not, he was our choice to fill my shoes. Obviously, this decision was not respected. I have the feeling that, without the Sash, half the Council would have taken pot shots at him.

Of course, choosing Victor was also a bit of a test. Was my authority simply based on my age and power? Or am I actually respected in my own right as the President? Rule should not be fear based. The Lord President should be a unifying figure through mutual respect. If my choice for replacement was instantly disrespected, then who is to say any of my other decisions have been met with any honest approval whatsoever? I am happy to say the test worked like a charm. I am now fully aware of whom I can trust, and whom I cannot.

I fear that many of these Timelords are not capable of the emotional maturity necessary to help Timelord society evolve past the mistakes that got us whipped out in normal space.

Oolon seems to have been profoundly affected by his experience in the Last Day. 66,430 times… I can’t say I blame him. He actually proposes a diplomatic meeting with the Daleks. I understand, and agree, that our efforts here need to follow a different path. I am beginning to believe that his hand made brain is in need of regeneration, however, if he thinks Daleks can be reasoned with.

However, there is little harm in trying. While Oolon undertakes efforts of diplomacy, I will be studying the Daleks for evidence to support or deny Solis’ theory on the recent Dalek buildup.


Part 26 - A Tale of Two Sens

Victor has been doing a fine job as interim Lord President. However, there is strife within the Council. Nothing our touched friend can’t handle, as Sputters and I knew would be the case. However, the inner council was unanimous in our decision to not announce our return. Quite the contrary, we have remained incognito for some months now.

Solis had been hearing rumors of a new Dalek Empire attempting to gain a foothold in SL-space again from a very disturbing source. She actually learned of this while in the Time Lock, so followed the lead straight back here. I have not heard a peep from her since our return, but I fully trust not only in her resourcefulness, but her intelligence gathering ability.

Oolon has been watching the political intrigue with interest, with his House diving head long into not only learning as much as we can about this place, but our fellow Timelords as well. I was positively giddy at some prototype TT Capsule plans that Oolon and Solis snuck out of the Time Lock, and Oolon was good enough to let me retrofit many of those designs onto the ETC upon our return. He has been taking full advantage of his new found toys, and has been eagerly exploring our realm.

Which brings me to my recent dual life. With Victor keeping things well in hand with the Timelords, I have been learning and communicating with the various TT Capsules here. I have been retrofitting each one in turn with what I have designated Mark VII technology. I know some would disapprove of this without the consent of the pilot, but a TARDIS is a living being. While the pilot certainly controls all systems, I have no ethical dilemma with helping the being evolve to the next Mark (or several in many cases here) on their own.

The cross section from Gallifreyan history represented by the Capsules here is remarkable. While the oldest Timelords besides myself and The Jinn (if he is to be believed) are only a couple thousand years old, there are still a handful of Type 30’s, a couple 20’s and even a Type 10 in service here. These date back literally millions of years. I may be that old, but I was inactive for nearly all that time. For one entity to have explored time and space for more time than most civilizations have existed is truly remarkable.

Of course, I can communicate with a TARDIS on a level most Timelords would only dream about. To see the cultures of the universe through their memories when Timelord society was young, involved, and powerful was inspiring. In those days, when a space faring race heard the long, agonizing grind of a Type 10 or Type 20 Capsule, they stood in awe and a little bit of respectful fear. I hope I can help lead my people back to days such as those.

Part 25 - 182

182 years. As we prepare to return to New Gallifrey, that is how long I have spent exploring this universe of my origin. Oolon and Solis report success, both on the issue of Gallifrey’s timeline and some valuable information on who is behind it.

I had the chance to explore many of the places that our Timelord friends on the New Gallifrey High Council keep talking about. I have a far better sense now than ever before of being… alive. At least in the organic sense.

I was able to track down a few valuable artifacts and pieces of Timelord technology still buried on planets outside the Time Lock. It will take some time to integrate this tech into New Gallifrey, but I feel confident it will greatly improve our resources.

The initial word from Oolon and Solis is disturbing, and yet not at all surprising. Apparently we were lucky enough to catch the first and only alteration. They spent decades scouring Timelord history to make sure that nothing else had been altered – it seems it had not.

Manipulation of the timelines on this scale is astounding, and brazen. Whoever this is seems to be operating as if the Time War is not over, as if it is simply one more step in a grand plan. Whoever this being/entity is, they obviously have a TARDIS. One with an independent power source to break into the Time Lock as we did.

One piece at a time. We will find out who it is. We will find out what their goals are. And we will stop them.


Part 24 – Normal Space

I write this sitting in the study of the SASTAP as normal flesh and blood for the first time in centuries. Oolon, Solis and myself successfully punched through into normal space. It was rocky, and caused a large amount of damage to the SASTAP. But after covertly placing Oolon and Solis in the Time Lock, I retreated to a nice little planet and effected repairs.

That was over fifty years ago. The Casual Nexus is a strange thing. Here in the SASTAP, removed from the normal flow of time inside the interior dimensions, I must wait out the iterations of the Time Lock that Oolon and Solis spend immersed in their work. We arranged a telepathic signal to mark their completion. That could be tomorrow, it could be 500 years from now. No way to know.

I have had much time to ponder events of our last Council meeting before leaving. The Jinn. He is from my time. And seems to have a disturbing level of regenerative control. I asked Solis to quietly look into that as well. Mechagliel seemed… off as well. I fear the discovery of the ancient artifact may have affected him more than he is letting on.

I hope things are going well for Victor. This New Gallifrey High Council is a distant, obtuse group. I have often wondered if it would hold up under a real test. No way to know at what point I will be able to break back into SL space once our mission is complete.


Part 23 – A Revealing Arrival

We have another new arrival. Nonamei Scribe seems to be somewhat unique. A plebe Timelord who sat in the personnel office of the academy. This is our first solid evidence of a Timelord being pulled from out of the Causal Nexus to be brought here.

Apparently, she was so traumatized by the journey here (even more so than most), that her genetic makeup was damaged to the point of being in a state of flux. As that stabilizes, she is just now remembering her time on Gallifrey, and it is important.

When Gallifrey reappeared for an instant, someone slipped inside the bubble. With the transduction barriers down inside the Last Day, someone is now setting out to alter Timelord history. Very carefully and subtlety. Nonamei has no skills useful to us here. However, before she was yanked from Time and sent here, she was on her way to honor a request from the Council to select a recent academy graduate to be sent on a mission.

She had no idea what that mission was. And her intention was to select a name at random. We know more, however. The request came from the White Guardian. And the Timelord she would have selected was Romana. Of course, Romana would eventually return to Gallifrey after her time with The Doctor to become Lady President and lead the greatest Renaissance of Timelord culture and technology since Rassilon himself, as I have learned from our post-War arrivals.

A Gallifrey without Romana would have fallen within days to the Daleks.

The effects of such an alteration are like a bomb with a pressure trigger. Gallifrey is still locked in the Time Bubble. If they should ever free themselves, the changes will come flooding into the Casual Nexus, flooding history with a new reality.

Now I know we must go back. We must fix this alteration, and seal the Time Lock without Rassilon and rest of the Council knowing we are there. I will call a meeting of the Council as soon as possible.

Part 22 – A Voice in the Dark

It was so distant, so… alien, I almost didn’t recognize it. The last time that mind touched mine, most of the great civilizations of the Universe didn’t even have solar systems yet. I was nothing more than a glorified navigation computer.

Rassilon. I felt it. I know it was him. Eons ago, I was built as a vessel for that mind, I can sense it from across the divide between this place and our home. The link was made, albeit for an instant. But I followed it back.

It seems the Time War ended with more of a small pop than a bang. The entirety of the last day is in a time lock bubble, reliving that day for all eternity. Of course, the higher races – such as the Daleks and Timelords themselves – are aware and carry memories from one instance to the next. The Doctor is a fool if he believes this will be the last attempt of Rassilon to break the lock. I imagine he will succeed the next time as well.

With Oolon, Solis, and most of the others getting banished here before the War started, I had no idea the Timelords had even envisioned a plan to revive the founder of our civilization. I could have told them the folly.

Rassilon was brilliant, focused, and utterly insane. He desired nothing more than to rule the universe in immortality. It is likely that this place we are in now could have been created by Rassilon himself as a final refuge if his plan didn’t succeed. As egotistical as Rassilon was, he was acutely aware that even the best fail sometimes. He always had a backup plan.

I do not believe he sent us here, however. The inclusion of myself and Oolon in the banished suggests a specific skill set and breadth of knowledge that was being eliminated before a plan could be set in motion.

I have to go back. Seeing Rassilon is risky, but having Gallifrey exist in the flow of time – if even for an instant – is too valuable an opportunity to pass up. If I can tie our Eye into the one on Gallifrey, our power here will increase exponentially. I can also bring back several artifacts. Now that I have a line to the time bubble, I can even snatch the artifacts from inside the time lock and bring them back here.