Part 20 - Lessons Learned

Well, returning to New Gallifrey has certainly taught me some valuable lessons. Oolon, Terry, Darkling, everyone was certainly relieved that I managed to regenerate, but also very questioning. Of course, I met with Solis before anyone else. I mind linked and shared with her what information I have. I have existed in one form or another for the entirety of the Timelord civilization. And just now I am beginning to understand why previous Presidents acted the way they did.

I don’t really have answers. I know I regenerated. I know the SASTAP pulled me back from the anti-matter universe with the last of its energy before rebuilding itself and me together.

I don’t know how. I don’t know why I regenerated into a male body. Typical Timelord nano-viruses preserve the vast majority of DNA structure, never switching genders or basic species. Obviously, while I am an organic Timelord, the SASTAP systems must still retain some measure of control of some my organic systems. I presume that the emergency program written by Rassilon that gave me this organic body in the first place must be governing my regenerations. To what end, I have NO idea.

Now that the SASTAP systems are restored, I see that this process took some 286 years to complete. Obviously, the SASTAP was very near death, as was I. Apparently, with little effort, we breached the transduction barriers just put in place and returned to Gallifrey only a few days after leaving.

All that time gave me much opportunity to contemplate. I have ideas for the future of this new Timelord society, this New Gallifrey. I am not convinced that my colleagues will agree with me. Solis I know will be with me. Oolon and I share the same vision, but his path to that end is much more idealistic than mine. The others… only time will tell.

It is definitely time for me to start acting like a President of the High Council. I just hope this Council is ready for that.

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