Part 16 – Putting together the pieces

I’ve been so busy with technical business preparing us for the Daleks, I’ve neglected my investigation of how we ended up here. I finally got around to reading the reports of the Council.

Putting aside the fact for a moment that the Pydronians seem to have quickly become the rebels that we all know and love, Victor’s discovery of another crashed station here in this realm have me concerned. Concerned, but a bit relieved as well.

This Doctor. There is so much about him we don’t know. We have assumed all along that he sent the stations here to protect them from a losing Time War. But Oolon and I were attacked long before the War. And we somehow ended up in the same place as TARDISes ejected from time. It is beginning to look as if all of us are here by design. As if any TARDIS near destruction is somehow funneled here by some intelligence, or program.

However, said influence began before the Time War. Now, the Doctor is far too impulsive to plan for Timelord race preservation ahead of the war. He would have spent all his time trying to prevent it. So he must have been protecting all of us against something else. Something so bad that he didn’t even try to save us from it.

I am beginning to think that whatever attacked me and Oolon may in fact have manipulated the Time War into existence. But why? Why would someone powerful enough to manipulate a race like the Daleks into attacking Gallifrey try to kill us off first?

Me I can understand. But Oolon. Why him? He was on route to being one of our races most knowledgeable biological engineers. Could it possibly be that his knowledge could be the key to defeating not only who sent us here, but a behind the scenes catalyst for the Time War itself?

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