Part 18 – Relics

I’ve learned not to ask questions of the Pydronians. Somehow, Angelica has located the Sash of Rassilon. This profoundly powerful personal forcefield should offer adequate protection for my short journey from the SASTAP interior to the center of the Transduction housing under the Panopticon when placing the Eye.

There is one issue, however. The Sash’s forcefield will interfere with the Barriers. So, while the Eye is still contained within the Sash’s range, I must disable the Sash and Oolon must enable the Transduction Barriers at nearly the same instant. If he is early, the two conflict and we lose the planet.

Oolon is fast, and fiercely intelligent. But even a nano-second gap will most certainly rip my body apart. I have been wracking my brain trying to figure out a solution. Then I realized… there isn’t one.

And Rassilon knew it. He didn’t tell Omega. Omega believed the Sash would protect him, and it did. But what he did not know is that it had to be turned off for a split second before the Barriers could come up. He was doomed from the start. And so am I.

I can only hope that this organic body still isn’t completely disconnected from the SASTAP system. Could Rassilon really have foreseen this scenario and written protocols for the ship to save me? I suppose we will find out in four days.

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