Part 17 - An outing

I know my Chancellor would take one of my regenerations for this, but I decided to pay a visit to the Dalek’s new base, which we now know the location of, thanks to intel from Victor1st and Angelica. What I found is both disturbing and relieving.

First of all, the base is quite well developed. Typical Dalek geography. They have a moderate ground base, underground bunker, hover-city, and ship in orbit. It looks like a classic Dalek major planet based command center. A casing manufacturing facility, mutant hatchery, etc.

It’s what I did not find that concerned me most. Not a single Dalek. Sure, thousands of mutants in tanks, and even more casings. All were dormant, and not assembled. I did not find a single Dalek, not even *one* patrolling the Emperor’s chamber. The Emperor was complete, but seemed to be dormant.

All this tells me is that we obviously don’t know where all the Dalek’s are located. Either they have another base, or they were off world in a ship we can’t detect. Their army is not complete. But something else apparently is.

Here are the pieces as they stand.

Oolon and myself were attacked. Onboard the ETC was a Sidhe capable of telepathic projection and a Timelord who is a brilliant biological engineer.

I, the child of Rassilon and the most advanced form of travel ever created, was attacked with a telekinetic specialist Timelord and a mind-reader Timelord.

We ended up here first, and soon pieces of Timelord technology and Timelords managed to get ejected from the death throes of the Time War to this place. Probably by the Doctor and the Rani, who knew in advance that something *very* bad was going to happen. The fact that the Daleks ended up here too only reinforces my theory that someone is manipulating us all.

The Doctor sniffed them out, but was too late to stop them. The Rani was scared enough to work with him and save us. Whatever technology they used to save the remnants of our race also brought Daleks. I would bet my robes that the Daleks missing from their new home world were testing a TTC capsule.

There is also the matter of the political influence exerted against Artificial Isle in order to obtain Timelord technology. That could simply be another Timelord who arrived and starting meddling, but I don’t believe in coincidences. I am willing to bet this Timelord is involved.

The Daleks are a distraction. And I am beginning to believe that the Time War itself was nothing more than a distraction. We need to deal with them quickly, and completely.

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