Part 21 - Riff Raff

I had an interesting encounter with a Master Kamala this morning. He claims to be a plasmavore, and proclaimed his intent to destroy our civilization. He claims to have repeatedly killed Mr. Ellsworth, an Arcalian under the purview of our Chancellor and Cardinal Fisseux.

If this is true, he could have the Symbiotic Nuclei. I was quite heavy handed with him in person, hoping to excite him and flush him out.

And while I do not put much credence in his threats – his race simply does not have the skill or abilities to bring them about – it does raise an interesting point. We are much more in the open here, and not nearly as well respected. We seem to be attracting riff raff.

As he came to us, I see no valid argument of interference. I have contacted Professor Ellsworth, to see if the claims are true. If they are, I will instruct the Guard and all House security forces to shoot on sight. If his claims are not true, then we simply ignore him.

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