Part 15 - Preparations

It has been some time since I have made an entry here. I have been very busy. With the revelations that Councilor Mornington uncovered about the Daleks being here with us, I have been frantically using the full resources of House Patrexean (special thanks to Cardinal Gears for taking the day to day operation of the House off my hands) and my own abilities to prepare New Gallifrey to ensure that what happened in the Time War will not happen here.

The Panopticon has been retrofitted with extensive defensive systems, both to protect the structure and the rest of Gallifrey should it fall.

Every TARDIS will receive extensive sensor updates, including a routine to specifically target detection of Dalek Temporal Prisons. Also, every TARDIS will be retrofitted to receive exponentially higher amounts of power from the Panopticon’s Eye. Up until now, the Eye has only been operating on battery power, with no singularity actually present.

The problem is not the singularity itself, we have at least a couple viable candidates. The issue is returning it back to New Gallifrey and figuring out how to get it inside the containment barriers. For a very limited time, I believe my dimensional stabilizer can withstand housing the singularity for the trip from deep space to New Gallifrey. Once landed in the Panopticon, the structures newly installed defensive system can keep the building together until I am able to place the singularity into its permanent home.

The real problem is this organic body of mine. I seriously doubt that I can maintain the life support systems in the interior for the duration of the trip, or extend the exterior’s forcefields enough to adequately protect myself while installing the singularity. And even if I am able to do both of those things, the exterior artron shell’s forcefield must be dropped for a least a nano-second while the new Eye’s Transduction Barriers take over.

I have mulled over a technical method of getting around this problem for… far too long. The simple fact is, we are out of time. Councilor Mornington reports that his intelligence agents have located the Dalek’s new homeworld, and it is almost complete. We need a full functioning Eye – now.

The last time I died, it was planned. Organized. The SASTAP structure and my organic body regenerated at the same time – together. I have no idea what will happen this time. My entire body will be instantly shredded when the singularity is placed in the Eye. While I have confidence in the nano-virus’ ability to regenerate me, I have no idea if my connection to the SASTAP will remain. Without my consciousness to control it, the dimensions may collapse. I may be stranded as a plain old Timelord, now without even a TARDIS – forever.

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