Part 14 – New Gallifrey Government

It comes to my attention that we need to begin drafting some governmental guidelines for New Gallifrey’s High Council. While I believe Gallifrey’s model was efficient and fair, some adjustments will be necessary for functional reasons in this place.

The High Council will consist of between seven and ten members. Each of the six houses will have a seat.

The Patrexe chapter will be headed by a Cardinal. This chapter seems to have fallen into the role of builders and artisans here on New Gallifrey. Speaking from my own skill set, I see no reason for this to change.

The Arcalian chapter will be headed by a Cardinal as well. It seems this particular chapter is of much more prominence here on New Gallifrey, with the election of my old friend Oolon as Chancellor. Based on his role so far, I believe the Arcalians should continue in their traditional role as leaders of academia and science.

The Pydronians of course will continue to be headed by a Cardinal. However, they seem to not have as much clout here as in the past. I think that policy generation and legislative minutia will continue to be their forte, as in the past. This clan will be lead by Cardinal Angelica Nephilim. It is true, long ago, that House Prydonian (also known as the Prydon Chapter) was known to produce ‘devious’ Time Lords, and more than a few renegades…

And that brings me to the Ceruleans. I mentioned in an earlier entry that I would like to extend a hand of diplomacy to other races who have assisted in our plight here. If they are to have representation on the Council and a voice with us, I believe assigning them a house may be the best course of action. To that end, the Cerulean house will be set aside for non-Gallifreyan citizens of New Gallifrey. They will be headed by a Councillor, not a Cardinal, by the name of Victor1st Mornington and base it’s operations from the reclaimed Zenobia station.

One clan stands alone in it’s unique experimentation of the regenerative process, a bi-product of this dimension and borne of necessity, that clan is House Dromeian, lead by Lord Cardinal Gryphon Dix. These are a fine, proud, and noble clan. We welcome them to the chambers of Gallifrey as master loomsmiths.

This realm consists of at least a few Timelords from our own realm who were stripped of house and rank on Gallifrey and sent here as exiles. While I believe we need to at least extent our hand to these fellow Timelords, I do not believe full re-instatement into a Cardinal run house is the proper path. To that end, the Scendles chapter will be set aside as the chapter of exiled Timelords, with a Councillor as its leader. This person is as yet unknown. They will have a presence on the council, should they wish to.

Each house may write its own governing document determining how its respective Councillor or Cardinal seat on the High Council will be determined. They may use any process they like – the Council will honour those proceedings.

The Castellan will be the head of all security and military organizations on New Gallifrey, including any intelligence organizations. He/she may be from any of the six houses, but may NOT be the leader of his/her respective house. That would pose a conflict of interest in matters of security.

The Chancellor must hold the rank of Cardinal. This position is elected by the High Council. The Chancellor controls High Council parliamentary proceedings, so therefore carries a great deal of influence in Council proceedings. The Chancellor position is the only High Council position that may take the floor from the President and call matters of order. The Chancellor may choose to continue their role as leader of their respective house, or vacate those duties to be replaced on the Council.

The President must hold the rank of Cardinal. The President is the proceedings chair for all High Council meetings. In all matters of governance that do not require a High Council vote, the Presidents holds final authority. The President may choose to continue their role as leader of their respective house, or vacate those duties to be replaced on the Council.

If called into emergency session, the Inner Council, which consists of the Castellan, Chancellor, and President, requires only a two-thirds majority vote on matters of policy.

In order to preserve an odd number of members and avoid tie votes, the Inner Council may choose to assign the Gold Usher an at large seat on the Council. This position will retain its traditional duties of Master of Ceremonies for all formal Gallifreyan events, and may be from any of the six houses.

Time Lords belong to one of six Time Lord Chapters or Colleges.
Each Chapter had their own colours which was reflected by their ceremonial robes:

The Prydonian Chapter - scarlet and orange ceremonial robes
The Arcalian Chapter - green and brown ceremonial robes
The Cerulean Chapter - subdued light blue ceremonial robes
The Dromean Chapter - silver-gray ceremonial robes
The Patrex Chapter - heliotrope (pink purple-ish) ceremonial robes
The Scendles Chapter - subdued colored ceremonial robes

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