Part 4 - The Present

Over the decades and centuries in this organic form, I have learned to not be a slave to emotion. But the profound disappointment of finding Gallifrey a burnt husk ripped from existence was almost too much to bear.

Oolon’s plan worked. Using his plan and drawing power from my Eye, we escaped this realm. What we found in our ancestral home, however, was nothing but destruction. Our entire race, our technology, and our empire… gone. Apparently destroyed in a war with a race that hadn’t even existed when I was created.

But like my father did from the ashes of the Great Vampire war, we rebuilt. New Gallifrey has been built, and only a functional Eye to power the new fleet of TARDISes we have been building remains incomplete.

I am now Lord President of this New Gallifrey’s High Council. Part of me expected as much, being the Daughter of Rassilon, as Oolon calls me. And that part of my personality that was forced in His presence is pleased. But I have only been a true, organic Timelord for a relatively short amount of time. I am still a child in every Gallifreyan sense. I fear every day that I do not have the knowhow to raise the Timelords back to the level of the Universe’s great protectors. We shall see.

With Oolon at my side as Chancellor, we have formed an Inner Council more akin to the pre-Borusa era. Unlike the fallen Borusa and Romana, I have not even attempted to rule with an unquestioned iron fist. Oolon is far too smart for that, and my own past has far too many questions remaining.

As of right now, the Eye is a simple high storage battery. The TARDISes in this realm are being powered by what I can spare from my own Eye connection, although only Oolon knows this. Of course, this prevents me from realizing my own true potential. We have not tried out the Hand of Omega I managed to snatch from the grips of Gallifrey’s death throws.

The last time I had this feeling of foreboding, I died and nearly took my dearest friend with me. This time, however, I feel a sense of destiny. We have no Sash of Rassilon. When we use the Hand to create the black hole, I will have to simply… carry it. I seriously doubt if my weakened state can contain it, even with the help of the Guardian’s Ring of Power I constructed with the Kryptonian.

It will kill me. I only hope that I can regenerate in full consciousness this time, and that the Eye will function correctly instantly – granting me full power to my own power source during the regeneration. If all goes to plan, I can become whole and take the next step in restoring the Timelords to their former glory.

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