Part 10 - Zenobia

Out of bored curiosity, I nosed around the Zenobia station the other day. Victor seems to have things well in hand there, and our relations with him seem to be on a positive track. The security in that place is tight, but thankfully not even the CIA scientists who designed it had any idea that I existed. Breaching station security and poking around was child’s play.

What I found was quite disturbing. It seems the death throws of the Altera station’s sister – Zenobia Major – bear a quite disturbing resemblance to the attack on myself and the destruction of Solis’ TARDIS.

Whether this sheds much light on the issue is still unclear. It does suggest, however, that TARDISes were tracked not with technology, but with inside intelligence. The Zenobia stations were the most secret of secret, untraceable by even the Daleks and other Timelords. Which suggests that tracking information was given to someone.

An inside job. Great. We can only hope that whoever it was isn’t around anymore. Somehow, I don’t favor our chances of that being the case.

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