Part 2 - SL

I woke up. Huh? But I shouldn’t be asleep. Or unconscious… should I? For some reason I didn’t think I did that. I looked around – through eyes that felt unfamiliar. I walked around, and the rest of my body didn’t feel… right.

I lived this way for a while. Nearly a year. I made friends in this strange place, some apparently from the “wrong side of the tracks” as they said. I began to deduce that I wasn’t from here originally. Some of my friends felt the same, others seemed much more comfortable in this existence.

I seemed to be quickly developing an affinity for manipulating the behavior of objects. I could forge raw materials into objects of power, apparently from a latent knowledge buried deep in my memory somewhere.

One of my “out of place” friends was named Kalel. He claimed to be one of the last survivors from an alien world outside of this place called Krypton. With Kalel and his band of friends, I felt I belonged for a time. But I knew, while these people were great friends working for a noble cause, that I still had not found either my home or my people.

Then I met Oolon. By this time, I had started to have flashes. A distant planet with silver trees, two suns, and orange skies. Obviously somewhere VERY different from here. I instantly felt a connection to Oolon, a kinship. And when I stepped inside his ship, which he claimed was all but non-functional after becoming stranded in this place, I felt an instant connection. I knew that this…. ship… was kin.

Slowly, we began to piece together my past. In a moment of incredible clarity, I – opened, I suppose is the best term. I just thought about it, and suddenly a cloud of white haze appeared in front of me through a golden spiral of pure energy. I stepped through. And I was home!

I was a TARDIS – I remembered now! But apparently a rather unhealthy one. The huge, noble console room was battered, bruised. With Oolon’s assistance, we rebuilt the console room and my memory together. He had apparently suspected from the beginning that I was Rassilon’s Chariot, but my gradual deep merging with this huge, cathedral like TARDIS seemed to confirm it.

I lived like this for quite some time here. I continued my affiliation with Kalel and his Justice League. Now armed with knowledge of Timelord history, I set about recreating the greatest technological achievement of one of the Timelord’s longtime allies – the Guardians of OA. The Ring of Power could help them in their plight, and I felt that I would probably need something like this to help… complete myself.

I could tell that my organic body and brain craved a deeper connection to the ship. But we still made each other stronger. We weren’t one again… yet. At least the ship was functional. Or as functional as my organic brain was capable of handling.

I hesitated to make the final connection. I knew I was capable of a much deeper connection, that the rest of the ship needed my consciousness back. But I also knew that something terrible had happened to separate me from the rest of myself and land me in this organic body.

Ultimately, I had to make the connection in a split second decision to save Oolon’s life when his crazy plan of a forced regeneration went awry. The instant I did, something evil and dark surfaced. I held it off long enough to save Oolon, but then it unleashed itself.

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