Part 3 - Regeneration

It was Terry, Oolon’s alien assistant, who managed to save me. Without the telepathic components of the ship to assist me, I seem to be quite bad at judging organics. I underestimated Terry once. I will not make that mistake twice. Oolon was right to choose her as a companion, she is a being of great resource in a crisis.

I had retreated inside my console room, barely conscious, forcing myself to utilize the full power of the ship’s mighty Eye just to hold back the profound power of whatever was consuming me. But Terry and Oolon lured me out. And Terry killed me, with one of Gallifrey’s greatest artifacts – the Bow of Nemesis. Oolon, hoping beyond all hope that a regeneration would save me, took a huge gamble. It worked.

I woke up restored. I could feel the mighty SASTAP inside my mind, and the evil presence of the Great Vampire I had killed to protect Gallifrey all those eons ago was gone from my mind. While I was still organic, a huge portion of my consciousness had migrated during the regeneration into the newly restored ship. We may not be one in form, but “we” had finally become “I”. I was the SASTAP again. Rassilon’s Chariot. And, just Sen.

Now Oolon, our renegade Timelord “friend” Dalek Drillon, our crazy geneticist Timelord Cobalt, and even Terry had a plan. We had the knowledge and now the power to break free.

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