Part 12 - The Laws of Time

I have been asking myself an odd question recently. Do the Laws of Time really apply here? We are obviously in a pocket universe of some kind, one independent and removed from the N-Space Web of Time. We do not, as of yet, have the grand technological superiority here that the Timelords had in N-Space.

If we not capable of the level of interference that we once were, if there any reason to still be afraid of it? I was created by Rassilon as a TARDIS – to observe and learn about the universe, for sure. But it is obvious to me that I was also created for a higher purpose than to just watch.

As much as I respect my father and creator, I am beginning to think that The Other had a point all those eons ago. I’m just not sure how to apply his teachings here without us causing as much damage in our rise to power as the Timelords of ancient times did.

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