Part 23 – A Revealing Arrival

We have another new arrival. Nonamei Scribe seems to be somewhat unique. A plebe Timelord who sat in the personnel office of the academy. This is our first solid evidence of a Timelord being pulled from out of the Causal Nexus to be brought here.

Apparently, she was so traumatized by the journey here (even more so than most), that her genetic makeup was damaged to the point of being in a state of flux. As that stabilizes, she is just now remembering her time on Gallifrey, and it is important.

When Gallifrey reappeared for an instant, someone slipped inside the bubble. With the transduction barriers down inside the Last Day, someone is now setting out to alter Timelord history. Very carefully and subtlety. Nonamei has no skills useful to us here. However, before she was yanked from Time and sent here, she was on her way to honor a request from the Council to select a recent academy graduate to be sent on a mission.

She had no idea what that mission was. And her intention was to select a name at random. We know more, however. The request came from the White Guardian. And the Timelord she would have selected was Romana. Of course, Romana would eventually return to Gallifrey after her time with The Doctor to become Lady President and lead the greatest Renaissance of Timelord culture and technology since Rassilon himself, as I have learned from our post-War arrivals.

A Gallifrey without Romana would have fallen within days to the Daleks.

The effects of such an alteration are like a bomb with a pressure trigger. Gallifrey is still locked in the Time Bubble. If they should ever free themselves, the changes will come flooding into the Casual Nexus, flooding history with a new reality.

Now I know we must go back. We must fix this alteration, and seal the Time Lock without Rassilon and rest of the Council knowing we are there. I will call a meeting of the Council as soon as possible.

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