Part 27 – Time to clean house

Last evening, the Inner Council officially returned home. I have written already about some of the activities that Oolon, Solis, and myself have been engaged in during the months since our return.

We were waiting for Victor to begin the meeting before arriving – it was his to call to order, after all. So we were chatting in the SASTAP console room with the exterior phased, able to hear the meeting. I was simply appalled at the way Victor was being treated. Being heckled, called out, and overall disrespected.

We formed New Gallifrey to bring the Timelords together. Those sitting at the Council table are there willingly, in an effort to rebuild our society in this place. But you wouldn’t know it.

Now, I understand that Victor was a divisive choice. However, the three of us thought long and hard about it. Victor is cynical, hard-edged, and often flies in the face of tradition. However, he is also brilliant, loyal, and a bit selfish. As President, preserving the reputation and the very existence of New Gallifrey suddenly becomes a case of self preservation, something Victor is exceedingly good at. He is also very well connected and resourceful.

There is no one in SL whom I trust more to deliver New Gallifrey back to us healthy and intact. And that is exactly what he did. Divisive or not, he was our choice to fill my shoes. Obviously, this decision was not respected. I have the feeling that, without the Sash, half the Council would have taken pot shots at him.

Of course, choosing Victor was also a bit of a test. Was my authority simply based on my age and power? Or am I actually respected in my own right as the President? Rule should not be fear based. The Lord President should be a unifying figure through mutual respect. If my choice for replacement was instantly disrespected, then who is to say any of my other decisions have been met with any honest approval whatsoever? I am happy to say the test worked like a charm. I am now fully aware of whom I can trust, and whom I cannot.

I fear that many of these Timelords are not capable of the emotional maturity necessary to help Timelord society evolve past the mistakes that got us whipped out in normal space.

Oolon seems to have been profoundly affected by his experience in the Last Day. 66,430 times… I can’t say I blame him. He actually proposes a diplomatic meeting with the Daleks. I understand, and agree, that our efforts here need to follow a different path. I am beginning to believe that his hand made brain is in need of regeneration, however, if he thinks Daleks can be reasoned with.

However, there is little harm in trying. While Oolon undertakes efforts of diplomacy, I will be studying the Daleks for evidence to support or deny Solis’ theory on the recent Dalek buildup.

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