Part 26 - A Tale of Two Sens

Victor has been doing a fine job as interim Lord President. However, there is strife within the Council. Nothing our touched friend can’t handle, as Sputters and I knew would be the case. However, the inner council was unanimous in our decision to not announce our return. Quite the contrary, we have remained incognito for some months now.

Solis had been hearing rumors of a new Dalek Empire attempting to gain a foothold in SL-space again from a very disturbing source. She actually learned of this while in the Time Lock, so followed the lead straight back here. I have not heard a peep from her since our return, but I fully trust not only in her resourcefulness, but her intelligence gathering ability.

Oolon has been watching the political intrigue with interest, with his House diving head long into not only learning as much as we can about this place, but our fellow Timelords as well. I was positively giddy at some prototype TT Capsule plans that Oolon and Solis snuck out of the Time Lock, and Oolon was good enough to let me retrofit many of those designs onto the ETC upon our return. He has been taking full advantage of his new found toys, and has been eagerly exploring our realm.

Which brings me to my recent dual life. With Victor keeping things well in hand with the Timelords, I have been learning and communicating with the various TT Capsules here. I have been retrofitting each one in turn with what I have designated Mark VII technology. I know some would disapprove of this without the consent of the pilot, but a TARDIS is a living being. While the pilot certainly controls all systems, I have no ethical dilemma with helping the being evolve to the next Mark (or several in many cases here) on their own.

The cross section from Gallifreyan history represented by the Capsules here is remarkable. While the oldest Timelords besides myself and The Jinn (if he is to be believed) are only a couple thousand years old, there are still a handful of Type 30’s, a couple 20’s and even a Type 10 in service here. These date back literally millions of years. I may be that old, but I was inactive for nearly all that time. For one entity to have explored time and space for more time than most civilizations have existed is truly remarkable.

Of course, I can communicate with a TARDIS on a level most Timelords would only dream about. To see the cultures of the universe through their memories when Timelord society was young, involved, and powerful was inspiring. In those days, when a space faring race heard the long, agonizing grind of a Type 10 or Type 20 Capsule, they stood in awe and a little bit of respectful fear. I hope I can help lead my people back to days such as those.

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