Part 24 – Normal Space

I write this sitting in the study of the SASTAP as normal flesh and blood for the first time in centuries. Oolon, Solis and myself successfully punched through into normal space. It was rocky, and caused a large amount of damage to the SASTAP. But after covertly placing Oolon and Solis in the Time Lock, I retreated to a nice little planet and effected repairs.

That was over fifty years ago. The Casual Nexus is a strange thing. Here in the SASTAP, removed from the normal flow of time inside the interior dimensions, I must wait out the iterations of the Time Lock that Oolon and Solis spend immersed in their work. We arranged a telepathic signal to mark their completion. That could be tomorrow, it could be 500 years from now. No way to know.

I have had much time to ponder events of our last Council meeting before leaving. The Jinn. He is from my time. And seems to have a disturbing level of regenerative control. I asked Solis to quietly look into that as well. Mechagliel seemed… off as well. I fear the discovery of the ancient artifact may have affected him more than he is letting on.

I hope things are going well for Victor. This New Gallifrey High Council is a distant, obtuse group. I have often wondered if it would hold up under a real test. No way to know at what point I will be able to break back into SL space once our mission is complete.

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