Part 34 - An Ending

It struck me a while ago that Oolon had perhaps a significantly more brilliant idea before his last regeneration than even he realized. By tinkering with the nano-virus integration systems in his Type 50 TTC, he was able to alter his regenerative process and effectively design himself a more advanced brain.

Because of the inherent limitations to the Timelord nano-virus system, there is, however, only so much he could accomplish here. After the arrival of Olyesti, I was able to update our own Matrix with the plans of more advanced TTC's designed after the Inner Council's arrival here in SL-Space, including the all-telepathic interface Type 60. I immediately installed it as my secondary control, and already I can see the potential benefits.

I have discovered the systems buried deep in the SASTAP computer that created my original Timelord body as a safety mechanism. The telepathic utilization of the SASTAP systems at the level I have undertaken recently has taken its toll on this incarnation – this body is nearly ready to regenerate. Before I do, I believe I can design a new body with the specific purpose of telepathic interface with the SASTAP systems without causing the serious physical side effects I have been experiencing.

Rassilon's vision of the SASTAP's function was for the primary pilot to be telepathically interfaced with an Artron based exterior shell that could materialize as a sort of super-body. I believe it is possible to take that one step farther. If the exterior of the SASTAP materializes as the nano-virus network in my own body, instead of the body itself, the same outcome can be accomplished, while not being tied to the interior of the TTC forever unable to leave.

See, the main downfall of the Timelord nano-virus regenerative system is energy. During a regeneration, the only energy source they have is the break down of the dying body. Many of the nano-viruses do not survive the energy conversion process, so a typical Timelord only has enough to successfully regenerate 12 times.

SASTAP created nano-viruses would have access to virtually unlimited TTC power for regenerative purposes. Since the exterior system also offers complete telepathic control, they would also be able to regenerate on command. This would effectively make a Timelord body in this state a shape shifter.

This process is obviously a complex one, and must be done in two stages. Upon my next regeneration, I must interface with the exterior and internal architectural systems telepathically, and design two things. First, I must design a physical body that can handle the telepathic rigors of controlling the SASTAP systems remotely. Then I must design a telepathic console interface based on the Type 60 design specifically to connect with the new body.

This will make my next incarnation an interim point. Upon that body regenerating, I can complete the process. Even this interim stage will almost certainly allow me to land and control a partially organic exterior form with huge advantages over my current limited abilities.

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