Part 35 – Betrayal

Perhaps betrayal is too strong of a word. I mean, strictly speaking, betrayal is accurate. However, if that word was used every time a Prydonian House defied the wishes of the High Council, history would document little else of interest. Solis issued the following...

“The Inner Council of the High Council of Timelords and the office of the Castellan hereby issues a capture and arrest warrant for Sidonie Carlberg, Raven Poe (ninasofia constantine), and Lord Cardinal Sam Brautigan on the charges of treason, violation of a High Council temporal treaty, murder, kidnapping, torture, unethical scientific research, unethical use of said research, theft of a TTC, operating a stolen TTC.”

The Inner Council has been quietly building a case against several members of House Prydonian since Cardinal Angelica's arranged departure. Her leaving was, of course, part of the plan to flush out known problems within her House that unfortunately were brought over from N-Space.

It's the arrogance of the fools that frustrate me. They openly defied the Council by not only building a military force without any consultation with the Council, but by openly defying our treaty with the SL faction Daleks by experimenting on and torturing the Kaled they captured. Now, I have no love lost for the Daleks... but this faction was created by someone here in SL space. Someone likely still here. Honoring this treaty is essential to discovering why we are here. I attempted to explain this to Cardinal Brautigan. Either she failed to understand the message, or has no control over her own Chapter. Frankly, I don't care which it is – she clearly can not fulfill her duties to the High Council.

As for Carlberg and Raven... they are going to be made examples of. I want Brautigan's title. I want the remaining regenerations from those two. This stops here – we will NOT repeat the mistakes of our N-Space brethren on my watch.

Councilor Mornington will resume his role as the trusted impartial member of the Council and serve as Arbitor of the Trial, and host it at Zenobia Time Station. I will, of course, serve as prosecutor. Chancellor Sputnik will serve as defense. Castellan Solis will be handing security, while Usher Franklin coordinates between New Gallifrey, Zenobia, and likely Olyesti. They jury has yet to be selected, that is on the agenda for the next High Council meeting.

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