Part 33 - Olyesti

It seems providence shines on us after all. Olyesti, one of three minute cities, has arrived in SL Space. In one of my random exploration sessions, I picked up some strange temporal readings. After doing some tinkering to achieve a successful materialization, I discovered a city of Timelord architecture in temporal suspension.

I could only stay a limited time (the exterior shell was in danger with the temporal disparity), but I was there long enough to confirm that a battered Olyesti plus nearly all of its original inhabitants had arrived here. I was able to open a semi-stable communication channel before needing to leave.

After speaking with several of the city's ruling Council, we are in the midst of two important projects. First, I believe I have made sufficient adjustments to the SASTAP to be able to land in Olyesti's time stream undamaged. I will take the New Gallifrey Inner Council there as a test run to initial formal diplomatic contact and discuss integration of Olyesti into the High Council.

We are currently exploring several options, including a unique Olyesti seat on the Council. No decision has been made, and will not be for some time. For now, we are all happy that so many new Timelords have been discovered alive and reasonably well.

Of course, this timely arrival once again begs the questions – who is sending us here, and why? Is it really an N-Space attack as originally thought, or are we being sent here to prepare for a greater, far more positive purpose?

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