Part 38 – Downtime

Where to start. It has been nearly two centuries since I spoke to this diary. My new incarnation has proven to be less.... talkative. I have found sharing my thoughts to be dangerous, but I realize it is necessary.

Lady Judy has done marvelous things with Olyesti. With the help of Councilor Mornington and Zenobia Station, Olyesti was successfully pulled into normal SL space/time and is resting comfortably as our neighbors on New Gallifrey's main continent.

My new incarnation has given me strength and confidence. So to, it seems, has it done for Lady Kharma. She seems to have fit in well with the role of Cardinal of House Prydonian. Typical. Her and Lord Abbot, once staunch allies of the Inner Council, now seem poised to start a civil war.

Let me go back...

Olyesti had stood by themselves, isolated in a time loop, for nearly a millennium. They formed their own High Council, Guard, etc. in Gallifrey's image, just as we did. After they very effectively dealt with some internal corruption, we successfully pulled them into our universe. We then set about integrating them into our government. This went very smoothly... Castellan Solis would remain on the Inner Council as High Castellan, and Olyesti's Castellan – Lord Baron – would retain full Chancellory authority in the City and answer to Solis in all other matters outside of Olyesti. A deputy, really.

And so on, through all other major positions. Each was negotiated separately, and quite reasonably. Until House Prydon. Kharma and Judy could not find common ground. Typical Prydonians. I offered the solution of both Houses retaining separate seats on the Council. But... no. Of course not.

Instead, Lord Abbot and Lady Kharma called for my resignation, called me a traitor, seceded from the Council, and started making threats.

The Inner Council did not feel comfortable dealing with this affording to the strictly secret Gallifreyan Law, so an emergency session of the entire Council has been called. Rassilon help us.

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