Part 30 - New Desktop Theme

Part 30 – New Desktop Theme

As I continue to do more exploration of the SASTAP systems from within the Zero Room, I'm finding some disturbing... pieces. It seems that shadows of my original consciousness – shadows, if you will – are still left behind inside the computer. These bits of myself are, evidently, still in survival mode. Shunning any efforts by my organic self to explore deeper into protected systems. If I wish to return someday to my original home, I must purge the system.

I think I discovered a solution. During my initial travels with Phaon, I merged with parts of a Type 30 TTC in order to complete/repair my construction. I am going to isolate the entire SASTAP computer sub-systems, and bring the old Type 30 systems online as the mainline controls. This will allow me to... interact, for lack of a better term, with the original SASTAP systems in isolation without threatening the ship's superstructure and main systems.

So, for a while at least, the SASTAP interior is going retro.

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