Part 29 – Some Retrospective Exploration

I've been spending a lot of time in the Zero Room recently, attempting some experiments Phaon taught me. Phaon, of course, is a master telepath. Perhaps one of Gallifrey's greatest. On a related note, the technology of a Zero chamber basically removes a Timelord's consciousness and stores it in a temporary buffer in the computer, allowing a brain to heal post-regeneration without the need to maintain a physical body.

Put these two things together, and inside the zero chamber I get to be... me. I can shed my physical form and expand into the computer as I was originally intended to. Of course, I only have access to a small portion of the computer, if I wander too far away I endanger my physical being.

However, I am learning. I am... connecting. There may come a time when something more than a mere physical Timelord body is needed. When this time comes, I believe I will be ready.

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