Part 60 – End of an Era

I’m really bad at this.  I find putting pen to paper not nearly as rewarding as it was in my previous incarnation.  And certainly not as much so as Sen did.  However, I find myself having no one to speak with on something that has been….. gnawing at me.

I really hate this job.  I rarely get to speak with people one on one.  Ceremonies, meetings, signings.  No REAL interaction.  I’m one of the most powerful telepaths in 100,000 years to come out of the Academy, and I can count on one hand how many times I’ve been able to use that skill speaking with someone one on one in the past… oh… 300 years?

Kylie, of course, is the exact opposite.  She just wants to be a Seer and help guide her Sisters through this difficult period of reintegration into Time Lord society, and all she does is meet with Councilors and plan meetings.  People she doesn’t really like or care to interact with.

Rowan feels much the same, she has a flair for ceremony and ritual unmatched in my experience, and all she does is pass paperwork back and forth between the Dreamers and Kylie’s office.  Which is really quite silly if you think about it.

However, I am happy today.  All of us had been getting on each other’s nerves – to the extent that I was beginning to fear for the smooth governance of New Gallifrey.  Before things got to a boiling point, we met.  We were relieved and pleased to find that nearly all of us – with the exception of the steadfast and reliable Castellan – need a change.  So we hatched a plan.  A very good one, if I do say so.

Rowan has already resigned as Councilor of the Jade Dreamers and appointed Morphed.  He’ll do wonderful – this is just his style.  I sit here at my desk in my white robes after having just finished initiating Rowan as Gold Usher to the Lord President.  She seems positively giddy about the entire thing, as well she should be.

Immediately upon the conclusion of the reception, Rowan headed straight to her office to plan for her first major event.  My resignation, the announcement of my successor, and the inauguration. 

I realized as I stripped off Rassilon’s regalia and stood in just my gold adorned white robes, that this would be the last time I would do that.  The next time I take off the relics, I will be handing them off to…. well, you’ll find that out later. 

At said ceremony, which will technically be a formal meeting of the High Council, I will motion for my native Chapter – Patrexe – to be reinstated as a full voting seat on the Council.  I have been assured the vote will pass.  Upon seating their Councilor in the Panopticon, the full High Council will vote on accepting our new Constitution into Law. 

Progress on that front has gone well, and there has been surprisingly little politicking in the Constitution’s drafting.  I shared in private with the Councilors my plans for resignation before passing them the first draft of our new law-of-the-land.  I think the fear of a rough transition of power has spurred them all into swift action.  Good.

Then I will announce my resignation and state my successor.  After a ceremony and swearing in, Kylie will then announce her resignation from the seat of Chancellor and literally step around the new President to take her place as the new permanent Seer on the Inner Council.  Our new President will then make a motion to the High Council to nominate me as Chancellor.  I have been assured it will pass unanimously. 

There you have it.  What could possibly go wrong?

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